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Feature on Bicycle Librarians for GOOD

GOOD magazine online sought stories about innovative ways to improve literacy, so I pitched a story about librarians who transport books by bike. The finished story has been shared nearly a hundred thousand times!

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Feature on sweatworking for FastCompany.com

Sweatworking lets active entrepreneurs and professionals combine exercise and networking. I pitched this workplace trend story to FastCompany.com, and the story has gotten tons of shares and comments on social media.

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Feature on aerial yoga for alive magazine

A friend and I tried aerial yoga, and it’s a lot harder than it looks! I pitched a story on this type of yoga to alive magazine, which covers natural health, including exercise and wellness. I’m really proud of how they beautifully combined photography and text into a full-page magazine spread.

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You’ve just found her!

I’m a full-time freelance writer who covers personal finance, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle topics. I also do writing projects for select clients in the nonprofit and small business space.

Why work with me?

Natural curiosity: I was that kid who always asked “why?,” a habit that drove my parents crazy but has served me well as a writer. Editors know they can count on me to spot interesting stories and ask the questions readers will want to know.

Love of language: Punchy headlines and lively word choice are my strong suits. I also have the chameleonic ability to match your house writing style, whether it’s light and conversational, factual and formal, or somewhere in the middle.

Attention to detail: The last thing you want is to correct sloppy copy or scramble to fill a hole in your magazine. I’m meticulous about meeting deadlines and using proper punctuation (I’m pro-Oxford comma, but I’ll defer to your style guide).

Subject matter expertise: A decade of covering personal finance, small business, and lifestyle topics means I know where to find current, credible information and can break down complex topics into language your readers will understand.

Contact me to discuss your writing needs.

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